Project - Sonra

Sonra - Data Collection and Reporting Solution

Delivery of a data collection and process automation solution for the childcare industry in Ireland. The delivered solution automates the creation of community surveys and downstream business processes.

Delivered benefits include a reduction in time required to collect survey responses, an improvement in data quality and a reduction in the time required to prepare reports.

Sonra Application Development

Sonra - The Challenge

The customer had an ongoing requirement to survey a large, distributed user community:

  • Surveys had to be created, reviewed, approved and distributed.
  • Responses had to be collated from emails and attachments.
  • Reports had to be prepared from survey response.
  • Significant time was expended in the above process steps.
  • Significant errors were introduced in the collation and preparation reports.
Sonra Application Development

Sonra - Features

The Sonra solution delivers a single integrated solution where all survey information, responses and reports are consolidated. The solution is hosted on the AWS cloud, is responsive and is accessible to all users on mobile or desktop devices.

Complete Process Automation
The complete survey process is automated – from initiation, to review, approval and reporting.

Application Development

Integrated Notification
All users are notified when action is required of them on Sonra.

Sonra Responsive Application Design

Security and Delegation
All users are assigned security roles and may delegate privilege to colleagues.

Enterprise Application Design

Integrated Reporting
Survey administrators may generate reports within the solution or export to PDF/Excel for further analysis.

Large scale Application Design

Sonra - Delivery Approach

  • Agile project delivery.
  • Iterative, incremental software release.
  • Cloud first development and deployment.

Sonra - Technologies

  • AWS deployed solution using EC2, RDS and SES services.
  • Java/Spring solution running on Apache Tomcat.
  • Responsive web application delivered using Angular.

Sonra - The Outcome

  1. The survey business process has been completely automated.
  2. Effort required to create surveys has been significantly reduced.
  3. Time and effort required to generate survey reports has been significantly reduced.
  4. A single repository of all historical information is available.
Sonra CRM Admin Screens

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