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SIA - Data Capture and Reporting Solution

Childcare committees throughout Ireland are mandated by the Irish government to oversee childcare activities in Ireland. The committees are required to report on their activities on a regular basis.

SIA Application Development

SIA - The Challenge

Responsive Application Development

All committees faced a number of challenges in relation to meeting their reporting obligations:

  • The requirement to maintain a central database of business relevant data including services provider details, enquiry details, training details and provider certification details.
  • The requirement to record service provider and public enquiry details and to manage enquiries throughout their full lifecycle from creation through to resolution.
  • The requirement to record committee staff time allocation to activities.
  • The requirement to collate organisation information for government reporting:
    • Enquiry reporting.
    • Training and certification reporting.
    • Communication and publication reporting.
    • Staff\resource activity reporting.
  • The provision of a web-based solution that is accessible inside and outside the office in an efficient manner.
  • The ability to generate required reports in an efficient manner.

SIA - Features

Responsive Application Development
  1. A responsive web application that can be accessed on mobile and desktop devices.
  2. A cloud-based solution that is hosted in Amazon AWS.
  3. Functionality to facilitate management of all service provider, training, publication and enquiry data.
  4. Calendaring functionality to allow committee staff to allocation their time to activities and enquiries on a daily basis.
  5. Communication functionality to allow committee staff to distribute publication\information to distribution lists.
  6. Training functionality to manage all elements of training and certification of service providers.
  7. Workflow functionality to manage all elements of the enquiry lifecycle.
  8. Reporting functionality to generate pdf-based reporting or to export report data to Excel for further analysis.

SIA - The Outcome

  1. All committee data is managed in a central database.
  2. All committee activity is recorded and correlated to enquiries or activities.
  3. All committee enquiries are classified. Analysis of enquiry data facilitates the identification of underlying issues that require new training programmes, new supports, additional resources or further information/publications.
  4. Communication to service providers is centralised and managed.
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