Project - Circus

Circus - Insurance Platform

Delivery of an integrated business management solution for a client in the UK property insurance industry.

The delivered solution automates all elements of the business process including client registration, property registration, quote generation, RFQ, policy generation and document management.

Delivered benefits include reduced quote and placement time, increased accuracy, improved customer service and reduced costs.

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Circus - The Challenge

The customer had a requirement to implement a bespoke solution to automate their business in the property insurance industry. Their challenge was:

  • To improve customer service and in particular time to quote.
  • To automate quote, document and schedule generation.
  • To reduce manual effort throughout the business process.
  • To minimise errors throughout the process.
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Circus - Features

The Circus system delivers a solution where all business information is stored and processed on a single, integrated solution. The system is hosted on the AWS cloud, is responsive and is accessible to all users on mobile or desktop devices.

Complete Process Automation
The complete business process is automated – from client registration through placement and claim management.

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Automated Document Generation
All quote and schedule documentation are generated from user-created templates using system managed keywords.

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AddressNow Integration
All property addressing is integrated with the Royal Mail AddressNow service to deliver high quality addresses and minimise user data entry.

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Circus - Delivery Approach

  • Agile project delivery.
  • Iterative, incremental software release.
  • Cloud first development and deployment.

Circus - Technologies

  • AWS deployed solution using EC2, RDS and SES services.
  • Java/Spring solution running on Apache Tomcat.
  • Responsive web application delivered using Angular.

Circus - Results

  1. Time to quote and time to placement have been significantly reduced.
  2. Manual effort required throughout the process has been significantly reduced.
  3. A single repository of all historical information is available.
  4. Data quality and security have been improved.
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