We are Outcome Deliverers. We help companies like yours on a journey to a cloud-based software product or service that gives you the competitive upper hand. If you are a start-up, we help you to build a product that will scale seamlessly as it drives your growth. If you have an existing product or service, we help you to take it from a position of supporting your business to a position of driving innovation in your business.

We Deliver in the Cloud

Services that dynamically scale for increased workloads. Incorporation of new features delivered by cloud providers (e.g. image recognition, voice recognition) in your product in a matter of days. Products that seamlessly integrate with third party services. This is the reality of cloud deployed solutions today.

Our Areas of Expertise

Product Management / Ownership

We take ownership and responsibility for translating requirements and features into high quality products and services. We do this with a focus on validation (are we building the correct features), priority of value (are we building the most important features) and agility.


Security, cost efficiency, performance, reliability and operational efficiency are all architecture requirements that remain static in the face of changing demand . We deliver modern architectures (microservices, serverless, event driven) that consistently meet stated architecture requirements in dynamic operating environments.

Software Engineering

Our team are experts in cloud native solutions that are delivered by combining an agile approach, a microservice architecture and DevOps delivery in the cloud.

Data Engineering & Analytics

Data architecture, modelling and processing expertise that we use to maximise data value in standalone analytics solutions or to underpin function in products and services.

Quality Engineering

How can you objectively quantify the quality of your product or service? We map features to a prioritised set of test cases throughout all test phases. We track coverage at the feature\story level. We prioirtise test automation whenever possible.

Related Services

Legacy Application Modernisation, Process Automation, Application Security.

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