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Web and Mobile Applications

Web and Mobile Applications

Challenged with the delivery of web/mobile applications that are responsive, highly available, multi-channel, required to integrate with complex business processes/systems and to integrate across multiple organisations? Our team are experts in the architecting, design and delivery of bespoke software solutions in enterprise environments - including government and multinational clients. Please see the Sonra case study on a responsive solution that is deployed in the AWS cloud and is used to automate data gathering across the Irish childcare sector. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss how we can help you to deliver your application requirement.

Enterprise Application Development

Legacy System Migration

Cloud Applications

Many companies support legacy systems and will reach a point in time or set of circumstances where it makes sense to modernise. Undertaking such projects will require a balance of legacy investment protection, risk mitigation and cost management. We have a strong track record in reengineering and modernising legacy applications to run on agile architectures and platforms. Our custom software solutions can be deployed in a range of deployment modes to deliver specified security, availability, performance and cost requirements. Please see the SIA case study on a project that modernised a legacy system to become a responsive web application that runs on the AWS cloud and supports a national user community. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss how we can help you to modernise your systems.

Legacy System Migration

Business Process Automation

Application Development

If you are responsible for the management of business processes that require a significant amount of manual effort you will understand the constraints that this places on your business. This includes increased resource requirements, high cycle times, data quality issues and reduced customer satisfaction. We offer a range of software development services to implement bespoke software solutions that will automate your business and allow you to manage your business in an agile and cost effective manner. Please see the Letshelp case study on a solution which automated what was a highly manual process in the property lettings industry or contact us to discuss your requirement.

New software Product Development

New Product Development

Cloud Applications

If you are responsible for the delivery of a new product or application you will understand the competing challenges of trying to deliver a product that provides the maximum value at the lowest cost, in the shortest timeframe and on a technical platform that will be extensible and maintainable into the future. We have extensive experience of working in NPI and MVP environments with clients to deliver custom software solutions and products. We can work with you to introduce an agile approach to product delivery and to ensure an optimal delivery strategy from time, cost and risk perspectives. Please see the Letshelp case study for relevant project work or contact us to discuss your requirement.

Letshelp Mobile Application Development

Data Analysis\Reporting Solutions

Cloud Applications

The availability of high quality analysis or reporting solutions can be one of the most effective tools available to organisation management teams. Ineffective solutions result in lost time, wasted effort and poor quality decisions. We have extensive experience in working with clients to implement effective data gathering, reporting and analysis tools. Please see the GMIT and SIA case studies for relevant project work or contact us to discuss your requirement.

GMIT Reporting Tool