Apr 24, 2015

Issue Management and Source Code Management in Enterprise Software Development

A questions that often arises in enterprise software development environments is one of "how do we track requirements, change requests and software bugs. Additionally, how do we track source code to requirements, change requests and software bugs and track issues to software releases? Finally, how do we track time and effort against issues".

  • We have used the Atlassian JIRA  product for a number of years to track and manage requirements, change requests and software bugs.
  • We have used the Subversion source control solution.
  • We use the Atlassian Fisheye product to integrate JIRA with Subversion. When we check code into Subversion and use the JIRA issue reference in the
  • Subversion comments, the code change history become visible in JIRA under the Source tab. Further details are available here.
  • Finally, we use the JIRA Tempo plugin for timesheet management. Tempo facilitates the logging of time against JIRA issues directly within JIRA.

In our case, we have found that an integrated deployment of the above products provides an effective means if managing the enterprise software development process.

If you would like more about any of the topics raised in this post please contact John Rushe 091 745567 or email john@metalogic.ie.


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