Metalogic Profile

Our History

Management TeamMetalogic are an IT professional services organisation. We help enterprise customers to deliver sustained competitive advantage through bespoke software solutions delivered using digital, analytics, cloud and mobile technologies.

Metalogic was formed in 2000 and has offices in Ireland in Dublin and Galway. We have a demonstrable track record of delivering enterprise software solutions for some of Ireland’s largest organisations.

Our Beliefs

Metalogic’s mission is to assist our customers in implementing enterprise IT solutions which improve their performance and competitive advantage. We achieve our mission by delivering high quality IT solutions within a professional, innovative and focused service.

Metalogic’s vision is to be the enterprise IT solutions partner of choice for enterprises commissioning new systems. We work in genuine partnership with our clients to deliver innovative solutions which dramatically contribute to the performance of their organisation.

At Metalogic, we are creative and responsive, and above all else our focus is on doing what is right for our customer. To this end we value integrity, respect, teamwork and professional and technical excellence.

Our People     

We employ a team of professional and experienced consultants. All staff have a minimum of five years of experience and are certified in their area of expertise.